Exciting French culture workshops

From May to October, My French Pass offers workshops in French (English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian spoken, too). To experiment what you would never do as a simple turist, in the Gorges de l’Aveyron, heart of rural France. Half day workshops, choose your option and dive in French culture ! Prepare your friends and family stay, share tailored workshops for unforgettable moments.

Medieval villages and their weekly market

…discover l the little ancient secrets, healthy local food at the market & picnic, meet local gardeners for unforgettable dives in occitan and French culture.
Friday in Montricoux and Bruniquel, Saturday in Varen. 9h-14h. 5 persons maximum.

80€ all included (drive, picnic, visit, ingredients at the market, coffee/tea, a little My French Pass gift).

French pastry or savoury workshops

…in a charming venue, top roof terrace in the medieval center of St Antonin, stunning view, comfortable and perfectly equipped kitchen.
Learn and enjoy the 4 top stars of French pastry : Îles flottantes, Baba au rhum and Limoncello, Tarte Tatin and of course, the Queen cake: The marvellous Choux à la crème!
Around 4h, 4 persons maxi.

80€ all included : recipe & documents, French vocabulary to remember, all organic ingredients, tea/coffee, a light lunch before enjoying your pastry, your My French Pass apron.

Hiking on the shepherd trails

Nice 4h loops around St Antonin, to discover the heritage of occitan people: washing-places and fountains, limestones walls, dwells, barns… Learn vocabulary and map reading in French, discover the famous marked trails system (PR, GR) and enjoy amazing views of the Gorges de l’Aveyron, share a traditional French picnic. Dive your feet or more, in the Aveyron. You will love!
Around 4-5h. 6 persons maxi.

80€ all included (map copy, picnic and drinks, tea/coffee).

Private French courses

Holidays: It’s the moment to practice ! Refresh your French whatever your level: pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and expressions.  In a comfortable top roof medieval building with a stunning view, in the center of St Antonin. On-demand, following our availabilities.

40€ for 1h, 50€ for 1h30 all included: documents, scanned exercises sent by email and…tea/biscuits !


My French Pass: Touch the heart of France !