Faites d’une pierre, deux coups!

(Kill 2 birds with one stone)

Practice French and learn wool spinning

Here, in St Antonin Noble Val, in the stunning Gorges of Aveyron river, you can “Faire d’une pierre, deux coups“: Learn making yarn with a spinning-wheel … while practicing your French!

A native French (and wool) teacher

Marie-Claude, native French teacher teaching all year long in the heart of our medieval charming town.
Wool fabric was a main activity since middle-age in this occitan area. Its trade created numerous contacts and language exchanges between South of France and Italy, Germany, Spain and of course England.

Marie-Claude spinning at a traditional festival
Marie-Claude spinning local wool

Ask for our next wool workshop

Since 3 hours for spinning basics till 2 days or more for ‘From fleece till yarn’ workshop, with cultural visits, picnic and other discoveries. Following your level in French and your needs, we can use both English and French.

Express your wishes and let’s tailor your stay to make an unforgettable memory!

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Local wool being carded and cleaned with attention
Carding wool together
2 concentrated spinners between  2 conversation in French
2 highly concentrated spinners
3 spinners between French conversation and wool spinning
French practicing while wool spinning
Wool dryong on the terrace, view of the cliffs
Wool drying on the terrace