Mastering French at work requires specific skills in Moliere’s language. Let’s list the main ones for executives…

Note that specific needs can be analyzed the same, for all professions.

  • Meeting your employees, peers, providers and customers, you must be able to be in contact, present yourself and ask various basic questions, describe your missions in the company.
  • You need to present your company, its organization chart, its main products and services and plans.
  • Sharing a coffee or attending a more formal meeting, a seminar or an exhibition, you need to describe and compare the products and services, their size, dimensions and characteristics…
  • Your missions certainly include discussing your company former results, announcing events, presenting aims, plans and financial data and assessments.
  • Finally, knowing how to negotiate in French will allow you to express your agreement and disagreement about prices, justify rate increase, discuss a contract, convince and master conflicts.


Lots of specific skills, isn’t it ?

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