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Whatever your needs in French learning, there is a workshop for you in our suitcase

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With over 20 years of experience, Marie Claude can offer you different types of workwhops for French learning, relevant and adaptable to your needs

A. French Chat

Your code to express yourself easily 

French Chat

Medium level in French required.

Speak more spontaneously on topics of your choice

Correct your main mistakes

Learn more colloquial French, learn new up-to-date expressions

Get answers to all your questions about French language, culture and habits

At the end of the workshop, you will be given documents summarising the grammar rules that have been covered as well as exercises for training.

Special summer: Experience a French market day & picnic

A mix of French culture and language practice

From May to October, visit a stunning mediaeval village on market day and share our heritage and secret places, do shopping at market and picnic with healthy local food, meet local gardeners and dip your toes in Aveyron river, all that practising and improving your French dramatically. A total cultural experience !

The schedule and program of each tour can be adapted. 

From 3-6 persons.

9am – 2pm. 70€/pers all included. Adapted rates for private and group tours

Friday: Montricoux/Bruniquel

Saturday: Varen. 

Please, get in touch at least 36h beforehand



Costs A

Private workshops – 2 pers maxi – Coffee/Tea & biscuits!

By Internet or face to face in St Antonin Noble Val.


30€ / 1h and 38€ / 1h30


40€ / 1h and 50€ / 1h30 (drinks, biscuits incl.)

Professional courses: According to the project, contact me here


B. French Day

Your key to cope with everyday situations

French Day

The key to cope with logistic organization and social relationship during your stay.

• Beginners – Master the main situations:

Get in contact, ask for information and directions, order and purchase, ask for emergency, express yourself at the doctor, etc.

• Intermediates – Be more efficient expressing your opinion

Discuss a topic and understand a discussion a better way.

Speak as a the French do using up-to-date expressions.

Be efficient and in the line with your social environment

Special summer: Improve your French

Beginner or medium level speakers, perk up your French

This summer, beginner or not, you can decide to definitely improve your level in French language, correcting your pronunciation and your main grammar mistakes in a relax way.

Beginner ? Learn the basis and some specific sentences for everyday life.

Intermediate ? You will learn a lot in short time in our workshop based on oral expression.

By the end of the workshop, you will be given documents summarising the grammar rules that have been covered and exercises for training. 

Our workshops take place on a rooftop space in mediaeval St Antonin Noble Val with stunning views of the Gorge de l’Aveyron cliffs. Everything is done to guarantee a pleasant and effective experience!

40€ /1h All documents, coffee & biscuits included! 

Maxi 4 pers. Flexible rates for family/friends.

Please, get in touch at least 2h beforehand.


Costs B

Sept/May. Collective workshops in St Antonin

18€ / workshop or 160€/10 workshops all documents, tea and biscuits included !

Professional courses: According to the project, contact here


C. French Tech

Your password to master technical vocabulary

French’Tech (1h30)

The key to master technical vocabulary. For the best French experience, become more familiar with specific thesaurus, as a visitor or a resident.

French for tourism (organisation, accomodation, activities), for pastry, for hiking and outdoor activities, etc.

Administrative or medical language, building works, car mechanics, gardening, food and service in restaurant.

Naturalization interview: Improve your French level and  prepare the tricky questions about French culture, history and Republican values.

NB: 3 Special French Tech

• French’n Pastry

•Naturalization Interview

• French’n Hike


Costs C

Face to face or Internet, in St Antonin or at your place

45€ / 1 pers – 70€ / 2 pers

Extra-charge 10€ for on-demand workshops further than 15 km from St Antonin.

Practical 3-4h workshops (see below)

Professional courses According to your project, contact here


French’n Pastry

Special mention :
French’n Pastry

(3h30, 2-4 pers)

Let’s make a tasteful pastry together and learn the know-how and little tips in cooking French authentic pastries.

• Learn the vocabulary of ingredients, tools and process of delicious home-made Choux à la crème, Tarte Tatin, Baba au rhum,etc.

• Eat your pastry with a tea and go away with some for your friends.

  • You will be given the step-by-step of the recipe and your souvenir apron from My French Pass!

Our classes take place in a rooftop kitchen in mediaeval St Antonin Noble Val, with a terrace and stunning views of the Gorge de l’Aveyron cliffs.



Oct-May 40 € /pers incl. organic ingredients, documents, tea/coffee.

May-Oct 65€ /pers incl. ingredients, documents, tea/coffee/drinks, My French Pass apron.

Specific rates for groups.


Special mention :

Naturalization Interview

(1h30, 1-2 persons)

Prepare your naturalization interview

  • Learn and improve your knowledge of French culture, history and republican values
  • Practise your French answering to traditional questions of Prefecture representative.



50€ / 1 pers.

70€ / 2 pers.

French’n Hike

Special mention :
French’n Hike

(around 4h, 3-5 persons.) — From May to October

Let’s hike and picnic on shepherds paths, in gorgeous landscapes

• get an amont of vocabulary about nature, geography and technics of hiking like gear, orientation, specific tracks markings in France, the body and the consequences of effort.

We will enjoy a traditional and healthy picnic (vegetarian on-demand).



80€ /pers (map copy, organic picnic, French documents, our little souvenir)

Specific rates for groups.

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All our workshops

A. French Chat

Your code for an efficient oral expression

B. French Day

Your key to cope with everyday situations

C. French Tech

Your password to master technical vocabulary

French'n Pastry

‘Let’s make a French traditional pastry and study its recipe

Naturalization interview

Prepare your interview: Train your expression in French answering to traditional administrative questions about French history, culture and values (1h30)

French'n Hike

Hike in French and picnic in gorgeous landscapes. Learn a lot of vocabulary.

French Chat'n Day

A mix of French’Chat and French’Day

Le Salon français

Improvised chat, sitting at our little Salon (15 minutes, for free, in summer only)

By Internet

All workshops… except Pastry and Hiking ! (1h-1h30)